For more than 20 years, Charles F.Kuntz, C.P.A. has developed a variety of services to meet specific financial and accounting needs designed to meet the needs of all kinds of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals in the United States of America

Our Mission

To free company's time by allowing them focus on the expansion of their core business so that they can become more efficient, productive and profitable. We do this by managing our customers' standardized functions and by providing traditional and innovative accounting services of exceptional value and superior quality for those we serve and recognizing the clients as our most important asset.

To assist our clients we provide more and more services that include some type of prospective (future looking) financial information. We are preparing income tax projections, analyzing the possible effects of future changes in operations, helping clients develop budgets, assisting individuals with personal planning, and preparing prospective financial statements for submission to lending institutions such as banks and the Small Business Administration.

Company Profile

Charles F. Kuntz, C.P.A. is an accounting firm

Charles F. Kuntz founded the firm in Wheeler, Texas as a sole proprietorship in 1985.